Nov 24, 2023 · Chris McCrea · The Brilliance Collection

If you have been invited to the auction by either The London International Horse Show or Brilliance Horse Auction Co Ltd, you will be provided with a badge to allow you into the VIP Viewing Area of the London Arena.  

The badge can be collected on arrival at the Ticket Collection/Box Office in the ExCeL main entrance.  It will be held under your name.  This will give you access to the London Arena VIP Viewing area from 5pm when a drinks reception will be held before the auction commences at 6pm.  

This badge will also allow you access to the Shopping Village and Champagne Bar for The London International Horse Show which starts at 9am each day.  It does not give you a seat to watch the performance in The International Arena. 

If you would like to watch one of the performances in the International Arena, tickets are available to be purchased at

If you would like to enjoy hospitality for the International Arena, there are two options – a private box or access to the Phoenix Club.  Information about these hospitality options can also be found on The London International Horse Show website or by contacting

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