Dec 7, 2023 · Chris McCrea · The Brilliance Collection

The horses are all currently in Surrey and Sussex and available on a daily basis for private trials up until Tuesday 12th December, they will all then travel to London International Horse Show on Wednesday 13th December. We are in close proximity to Gatwick Airport, airposrt transfers can be arranged for you.

If you would like to ride one of the auction horses whilst they are in London this is possible on Friday 15th December between 5.40pm - 7.40pm. Please contact our Brilliance Team for more information and to boook a ridden trial. A competitors admittance card will be left at the ticket collection desk under your name.

Email -

William Funnell - +44 7785 223114

Shane Breen - +44 7884 311802

Roger McCrea - +44 7545 874744

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